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Make Strategy Real: Manage to Lead and The Seven Truths

With Peter DiGiammarino

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Date Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Time 11:30 AM to 01:30 PM (US Pacific Time)
Type In Person or Webinar
Location Oshman Family Jewish Community Center (OFJCC)
921 Fabian Way, Room E-104
Palo Alto, CA, 94303
11:30 AM to 12:00 PM In-person Check-in, Networking and Lunch
12:00 PM to 01:30 PM Interactive Presentation including Q&A

Webinar / Archive Materials

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About the Topic

What do strategic leaders do to align their organization’s strategy and operations? Demonstrating the approaches he uses as a successful CEO, Peter DiGiammarino will review the seven truths which he evolved to help others learn  how to develop a winning organizational strategy and get on track to long term growth and performance through effective operations.

Peter’s content is for CEOs and their top teams who want to increase the odds of their individual and collective success by managing to get to the next level of leadership and organization evolution. This includes early stage leaders who have made it through the squirrel cage of the start-up phase and begun to realize that what it takes to lead an organization that performs and grows according to a plan is quite different than what it took to get off the ground. Peter’s material is “not for entrepreneurs who want to go from nothing to is for those who want to go from a little to a lot!"

Over the course of his career, Peter realized that whether one wants to improve a business process, implement a new information system, get team members to work together, increase a community’s appreciation for diversity, or even to topple a monarchy, taking actions that are driven by seven disarmingly simple truths will help clarify and make real the strategy and achieve the goal. The key is not only knowing these truths but understanding the implications of, and taking actions consistent with, each; learning from what happens and iterating to put them into effective action.

Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World presents a comprehensive and straightforward framework to make strategy real that leaders at all levels can enact to describe and assess any organization and its strategy for winning, whatever game it is playing. It also provides a structured approach to plan and implement strategic initiatives for organizations as they strive for long-term growth and performance. 

During this event, you will learn about four templates and how to use them to increase the odds that your strategic initiatives will succeed. These include: 

  • W-W-W: to get clear about whose problem the organization solves
  • Change Framework: to be clear about what leaders seek to change, the case for change, and what must be done to improve the odds for success
  • Initiative-to-Action: to clarify goals; committed management time, attention, and resources; active and continuous stakeholder engagement; and to limit change to that which makes good sense in order to produce desired results
  • Leadership Support Structure: What it takes to affect and sustain planned change in terms of governance and getting help

These templates are part of a larger framework that provides a playbook for guiding leaders on how to develop operations that  synchronize with their strategy. The term Operations refers to how to PLAY the game and Strategy refers to how to WIN the game.

To review a free chapter of Managing to Lead as interactive, digital content:  click here.  

In advance of the session, registrants have the opportunity to participate in an online exercise for their organizations. During the session, Peter will use registrants’ submissions to illustrate how the principles of Managing to Lead work.  He will use attendee input, as well as real-life examples, of how committed leaders have and can turn strategy into operations and at the same time evolve strategy from operations by taking actions consistent with these truths to create and grow successful organizations.

Within one week of the event, all registrants (for both the In-Person and Webinar event) will receive a complimentary post-event Webinar Package, consisting of a link to view the webinar recording and a pdf of the final slide deck for the session. The Webinar Package will also be available for post-event purchase.

All present at the In-Person event will be entered into a drawing for softcover copies of Manage to Lead and other related materials available to those who want to use Peter’s content to conduct high-end leadership training. 

To benefit from this presentation as a team, reserve a table of up to eight seats for your team by emailing this request to the ASP NorCal Registrar, Angi Roberts.

Peter DiGiammarino
CEO, IntelliVen and Chairman, Compusearch

Peter DiGiammarino has 30 years of success leading businesses that target tight public and private markets around the world. In addition to running companies, he has served public, private, private-equity-owned, and venture-capital-backed software and services firms as an adviser and/or board member and has consistently helped them to achieve sustained growth and profitability.

He is particularly skilled at helping top teams develop their strategy and turn their strategy into operations. Peter also helps leaders implement governance, performance metric, incentive, and communications programs to ensure acceptance by the organization and marketplace success. He has served as CEO and/or Chairman for several professional financiers including The Carlyle Group. Peter delivered the powerful final keynote at the ASP 2013 Annual Conference in Atlanta. Peter currently serves as Chairman of Compusearch and advises other organizations as CEO of IntelliVen. His marquis client in San Francisco is which has been called the "hottest non-profit on the planet" by FORTUNE and a Top-50 Website by TIME.

Peter authored the Manage to Lead: Seven Truths to Help You Change the World workbook for the Organization Analysis and Strategy course he developed and teaches for the OD Program at American University in DC.

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